Mould, mustiness, damp walls or streaming windows?

The cause of damp is often misdiagnosed. Wrong diagnosis will waste time and money. Our advice is to read all these notes.

How is condensation caused at home? 
Condensation is the main cause of black mould. More than half the homes in the UK suffer from condensation problems. Usually the mould grows on the coldest corners in the home. Most affected areas are outside corners, up a corner and the corner of ceilings. In high humidity mould can grow anywhere. Black moulds cannot grow where there is rising damp because rising damp leaves salt deposits and moulds cannot tolerate salty water! So if you see a mould you should suspect there is no rising damp.

Do your children have asthma, coughs or allergies?
Damp living conditions are usually associated with poor ventilation and condensation. Damp conditions are perfect to breed dust mites. 80% of people who are asthmatic are affected by house dust mites. Penetrating damp and rising damp are associated with older property.

Do you have to wipe the windows nearly every morning?
This is definitely condensation and there is no other cause! Water droplets to form on the cold surface.

Musty Smells?
This is associated with condensation which encourages smell-emitting moulds. Lack of ventilation, low level heating and poor insulation contribute to mustiness.

Home with sub floors straight on to soil may cause musty smells – this can be solved by covering the sub floor which is very expensive. Positive ventilation will reduce the problem by expelling the smells.

Are you aware of bedbugs or dust mites in your home or damp bedding?
Damp beds are ideal conditions for mites and bugs to thrive. Bedbugs do not drink – they get water from the damp air. Condensation is the main cause of dampness in sheet, pillows and bedding.

If you would like this to stop every morning…..

…..move to a desert or invest in a controlled ventilation system – do not buy a dehumidifier.

Does the back of your wardrobe look like this?
This is a classic condensation symptom. Cold damp places are s perfect for moulds and fungi to thrive. There is no other reason for this symptom other than condensation. The wardrobe shown was new 2 months ago and was not even touching the cold wall. Move furniture away from cold outside walls where possible.

condensation control systems torquay
mould and condensation diagnosis

Is there mould on your shoes or on leather?
Again this is definitely due to condensation. Still damp air is allowing mould to grow on cold surface – the mould is living on the leather.
Condensation causes £1000’s worth of damage to clothes, furniture, books, shoes and decorations.

High humidity. Does your home feel warm and wet like a jungle?
This is the fundamental cause of condensation and more fresh air is required.

Is there green mould on the back of picture frames?
Condensation. There is no other reason for this symptom. The photo shows a typical pattern: the wall is coldest in the corner. The shape of the black mould mirrors the temperature of the wall surface.

Do you have mildew on curtains?
Condensation allows moulds to grow consuming the fabric.

No damp readings on the damp wall? This is where a moisture meter is really useful!
There is a condensation problem early in the morning. Beads of moisture form at about 4am in the morning when the wall is really cold and evaporate later in the day. By the time you measure the damp with a meter the wall is dry.The photo shows a typical pattern: the wall is coldest in the corner. The shape of the black mould mirrors the temperature of the wall surface.

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