Professional woodworm treatment in Brixham

Latin name – anobium punctatum. Common name – furniture beetle. This is the most common house infestation and cuts flight holes 1-2mm in diameter in slightly damp softwoods. Most often infestation is introduced by homeowners putting infested furniture into a roof or cellar – hence the common name.

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About woodworms


  • Holes about 2-3mm diameter.
  • Tunnels in timber which has been sanded.
  • Weakness in timber.
  • Poke a hole with bradawl to test the strength.


  • Fresh granules or dust indicates activity as a mature beetle has recently emerged to lay eggs.
  • The dead bodies of mature beetles between June and August indicate breeding infestation.

NB. The larvae may eat timber for 3 years in timber before maturing in the adult beetle state

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Precautions we take while using chemicals

  • Dampco is a member of the BWPDA and PCA so conforms to government legislation
  • We uphold the Control of Pesticides Act’s basic principles
  • Chemicals will only be handled by trained staff
  • Care will be taken to contain spillages and ensure chemicals do not pollute the environment
  • Chemicals will not be used without good cause
  • Human health and safety are paramount
  • Non chemical methods of treatment will be adopted wherever economically possible

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